Welcome to Tpo-View Aerospace

image001Top-View Aeropsace fills the aviation industry’s need for unbiased independent flight test and evaluation services.
We provide growing organizations with capabilities previously only afforded by the largest aerospace companies.

Flight test can be a complex and costly endeavor, often too expensive for all but the largest of aviation companies. Establishing in-house capabilities requires time and investment which can impede competitiveness in a market where rapid development means greater market share. Top-View Aeropsace has the expertise and capacity to be your on-demand flight test resource.

As a consortium of test pilots and flight test engineers with experience in both military and civil aviation, we augment and expand your in-house capabilities, delivering expertise exactly when you need it, where you need it.


What we do

Understandimage002 – Provide customers with an accurate cost-effective understanding of complex flight issues through thorough test, evaluation, analysis, and training.

Improve – Promote safety, robustness, and usability while documenting compliance with government standards.

Inform – Provide concise technical information and resources to inform support staff, sales teams, and customers of product capabilities and characteristics.