About us

Damian-03Top-View Aerospace fills the aviation industry’s need for unbiased independent flight test and evaluation services. We provide growing organizations with capabilities previously only afforded by the largest aerospace companies.

Damian Hischier, Top-View Aeropsace founder and test pilot with an EASA Category 1 Flight Test Rating, has flown more than 120 aircraft ranging from fighter jets, to passenger jets, helicopters, light civil planes, and gliders. With over two decades of flying experience, he has learned that as much as designs change and evolve, certain critical elements in aviation such as validation and assurance don’t change. Intelligent and comprehensive testing ultimately leads to the most cost-effective solutions. Damian has worked as a test pilot and head of flight test on many different certification and experimental projects in all categories ranging from ultra light, light sport aircraft, part 23 aircraft up part 25 aircraft.